Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Girlfriends Get Real

Girlfriends Get Real has been a ministry in the making for years. "Get Real" is a title that was given to a ministry that I was involved in at a church I attended before my family moved. The purpose of the ministry was very clear, helping people (especially, women) get real in their faith.

As a younger generation of Christians, we desired something more than women's events that focused on what food would be served and the table decorations. We desired a women's ministry that focused on deep discussions on the reality of life as a Christian in the world today.

The vision of this ministry is something that I cannot ignore. I have prayed that God would lead me in writing this blog. It may be read by only my closest friends, it may only touch one person, but it is my opportunity to share my life as a Christian, a mom, a wife and a friend.


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Sarah said...

Great mission, Amy. And wonderful ministry! I enjoy reading your words and perspectives -- they're powerful reminders of where my mind should be. I like seeing the sides of people I grew up with now that we're "grown up." :)