Monday, April 12, 2010

Moments I Almost Missed

tuesdays unwrapped at cats

I was sitting here thinking about what I was going to write about today. What gift could I unwrap? What small things do I have to celebrate?

I decided to flip through my pictures that I recently took. I realized as I went through the pictures that their were moments that were captured that I almost missed.

Last week one day my girls wanted to play a game outside. I had a million things to do, but they wanted me to play. I grabbed my camera and went outside. We played a little game of Hullabaloo. They were so silly. We all laughed and danced.

On Saturday the girls wanted to go to the ball field. I was going to stay home. I decided that I could use the fresh air so I joined them. I am so glad that I did.

Our oldest daughter is only 10 and she was at a friend's house and missed out on the fun. I realize that the older they get they will not want me to grab the camera and join the fun. I need to capture these moments every chance that I get.

I am so glad that Emily hosts Tuesdays Unwrapped. It makes me stop and find joy in everything. What are you unwrapping today?


Dawn said...

as they grow and don't need us as much, we want to give them their freedoms... but sometimes we have to jump in and play. so glad you chose to play this week! and i bet your kids were too!

Southern Gal said...

Good for you to be able to capture those priceless moments.

My son asks me to jump on the trampoline with him all the time. It's not always convenient and my bladder doesn't love it, but I try to say yes. And for those moments I'm a kid again. They keep us young!!

homebody0404 said...

We eat dinner together every night! It doesn't matter if there aren't that many activities that we can do togehter anymore, there's still that...and watching a favorite show. They now want to separate when out at a mall or store...sniff, sniff.

Trisha said...

When we're intentional in doing and being with them right now, they will want us to do and be with them as they get older....what a great blessing for your children that you could unwrap the gift of now and just be with them. I have to work at it daily, but the rewards are priceless.

Melissa said...

so glad you chose to join them!! isn't celebrating life simply the best!?

KK said...

So cute, I'm glad you found those lost pics :)