Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Family Bible Time

Four of us grabbed our Bibles and headed to Taylor's room. Each of us found our way to the book of Mark. We went around the room and each read from Chapter 1.

We studied. We shared. We learned.

Taylor led us to two other scriptures that she wanted to share with us. Chad and I looked at each other in amazement. We were not just the ones doing the teaching. We were all learning together.

We each picked out one verse to write down in our Scripture Journals. We each shared why we picked the verse that we did. Madelyn our little prayer warrior chose the verse on Jesus healing the sick. Taylor chose a verse about Jesus baptizing us with the Holy Spirit. Then she proceeded to explain that this verse is talking about salvation.

We read exactly the same passage, but it spoke to each one of us differently.

My heart is full of joy tonight. We have been wondering if the girls are starting to develop their own faith. I think that this time together as a family answered that question.

Madelyn asked, "Can we do this again tomorrow?"


kellyjae said...

That's SO COOL!! Praise the LORD!

Our Family said...

What a precious time with your family! God is so good! And how fun that they are looking forward to doing is again tomorrow! :)

Layton Family Joy said...

I just love that - you know the angels were rejoicing over that one friend! Love the family in the Word together! Yes Madelyn - YES - every night!! =)

Anonymous said...

amy, i love this!! the other night it dawned on me that the girls may not know how to look up scripture. so we pulled out our bible and i had the girls finding scripture and it was one of those surreal, amazing, awesome, incredible moments!