Monday, September 13, 2010

Over One Hundred Gifts

I have only been keeping my gratitude journal for a few short months and I am already over 100 this week. Isn't it amazing how blessed we feel when we slow our lives down enough to notice all of the little things. God leaves His fingerprints everywhere in our lives. Stop, look around, He is there.

#101 Grandma time for Nadia. It is so fun to see her everyday ask "Can we go to Grandma's House?"

#102 Having coffee with my sister at school when I substitute teach.

#103 Spending the day at an auction with my sister. Been so long since we spent quality time like that together.

#104 My beautiful 10 year old Birthday girl.

#105 Watching "Letters to God" again and crying just as hard the second time.

#106 Sand Paper and Paint turn $5 trash into family treasure.

#107 Daughters that take care of mommy when daddy is gone and mommy is too sick to take care of them.

#108 Grandparent's Day (Mine are all gone, but my girls sure do have special ones :-)

#109 My Daddy's Homemade French Fries. Yummy!

#110 A husband that knows how to wash clothes and actually does, often.

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Erin said...

Time with sisters (even sisters in Christ) are worth treasuring!