Sunday, October 25, 2009

Kiss Me Again Giveaway

When I picked up the book Kiss Me Again by Barbara Wilson I really was not sure what I would think about reading it. The subtitle reads, "Restoring Lost Intimacy in Marriage." Of course I started thinking about my marriage and I thought we have a lot of intimacy so I don't really need to restore anything.

However, as I started to read the book I realized that Wilson really gave me some things to think about in my marriage and that it is possible for my spouse and I to become more intimate.

The focus of the book is healing from your past relationships. For anyone that knows my story, you know that I was pregnant with my first child before I was married. Wilson explains that even if we had premarital sex with the man that we later married, we still have some restoration to do with God and with our spouse.

The book takes you through exercises and Wilson gives you many scenarios to get you thinking about your past. She also shares many stories of women that she has worked with and the struggles they have had in their own lives. Also, the results that those women have had through their healing process.

Waterbrook Multnomah has given me one book to send to a reader. If you would like a chance to receive a copy of this book, leave a comment by Wednesday, October 28th at midnight. On Thursday I will choose a winner from

Here is a little more info about the book and the author.
Many married women genuinely want to feel more desire toward their husbands. But while sex before marriage was hard to resist, now resisting seems like all they do. In her new book, Barbara Wilson shows how couples can suffer for years from the “invisible bonds” of previous relationships without even knowing it. Hidden emotions of distrust, shame, and resentment can sabotage even the most loving marriage.

In Kiss Me Again, Wilson:

· Shares her own story of healing and renewed desire
· Helps women forgive themselves and their husbands for past choices
· Shows readers how to break free from “invisible bonds”
· Explains God’s plan for helping a husband and wife to re-bond
· Includes conversation helps for both wives and their husbands
· Helps couples reignite the passion that they thought was lost

With assessment tools, write-in exercises, and gentle guidance, Kiss Me Again offers a biblical plan for rekindling the closeness and passion women long for in marriage. Because no past is beyond the reach of God’s healing touch.

Author Bio:
Barbara Wilson is the author of The Invisible Bond and former director of sexual health education for the Alternatives Pregnancy Resource Center in Sacramento. She speaks nationwide to youth and adults with her message of sexual healing, and she teaches frequently in the women’s ministry at the multi-campus Bayside Church in Northern California. Barbara and her husband, Eric, have been married for twenty-eight years.

You can purchase this book at the Random House Website.


Kris said...

I'd love to get this book!

kellyjae said...

This book sounds like one that I should read. . . I'd love to get it!