Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Jesse Tree Day #4

Today we will add a rainbow to our Jesse Tree. The story of Noah's ark is one that almost every child knows and loves. This is one of our favorite Jesse Tree days.

The Flood

God told Noah to build an ark,
made of Cypress wood.

God wanted to wipe the people from the earth,
because none of them were good.

Noah did as God had said,
The ark was built by hand,

It stood so great when it was done,
upon the dry, dry land.

Upon the ark the animals
filed in two-by-two.

Noah’s family had followed God,
they knew just what to do.

The rain started to fall,
for 40 days and covered all the earth.

Everything was destroyed,
the Earth was ready for new birth.

God sent a great wind to dry all the land,
But Noah still could not see any where that they could stand.

He first sent out a raven,
That flew back and forth ‘til all was dry,

Soon he sent out a dove,
but all it did was fly.

Seven days later the dove left the ark,
This time the dove had found bark.

In the mouth the dove carried a leaf from an olive tree,
Noah praised God for the land they could see.

Read: Genesis 6:11-22, 7:17-8:12

Here is a coloring page for your little ones. Click Here.

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