Friday, March 26, 2010

What is so Good about Friday?

A couple of days ago I was visiting with my middle daughter about not having school on Good Friday and Easter Monday. She said, "What is Good Friday?" I told her that it is the day that Jesus died on the cross.

She had a puzzled look on her face and said, "Why is it called Good Friday, it is not good that they killed Jesus."

We talked about how it really is a good thing that He died because He saved us from our sins with His death on the cross.

She said, "Still, It shouldn't be called Good."

We always try to really focus on Jesus at Easter and not all of the commercialization of the Easter Bunny. Our girls do get to have an Easter Egg Hunt and they do get Easter baskets, but the focus of both is always on Christ.

We follow our Easter Egg Hunt with Resurrection Eggs and their Easter baskets have new books to encourage their faith.

Yesterday we got out the Easter tote so I could put up a few decorations. Nadia saw the plastic eggs and her eyes lit up. I knew at this point I was in trouble. She decided to have an Easter egg hunt with her stuffed animals in the living room. Too bad the animals can't really find all the eggs she has hidden.

She saw the Resurrection eggs and thought she needed to check them out. I told her to be really careful and she could only open one egg at a time. She got to the egg with the piece of leather and asked, "What is this?" I told her that it represents the leather whips that they used to hurt Jesus.

Later when we came back to the table for lunch she realized that she hadn't put the leather strip away. She said, "Look mom, it is the whipper." We both laughed and I put it away.

Last night I was reading the account of the last days of Jesus life on earth in John. I have read that story so many times, but do I really read it? Do I really take the time to think about the significance of those days. Do I really understand the importance of Good Friday and Easter?

At home we are going to focus on the events on each of the days leading up to Easter. I will be sharing them over at Unforgettable Childhood next week. There are a couple of yummy Easter treats over there now.

How do you celebrate Easter with your kids?


SomeGirl said...

I look forward to following the days up to Easter with you! We have two family celebrations that are on opposite ends of the spectrum... One is the day before Easter with one side of our family and we do a BIG Easter Egg hunt with all the bunny stuff... we call that our Spring Celebration. And the next is Easter Day... we ask everyone we see if they've heard the good news? Jesus is Risen! We practice yelling, "HE IS RISEN INDEED!" Go to church and then over to the other family celebration where we celebrate the Risen Savior... we call that Resurrection Day. That's how we compromised and separated the two at our house. :) Great post! Thanks!

KK said...

I try to focus more on what He has done for me, but I should do that every day!