Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ten Years Ago Today

Ten years ago today I became a Mother.

I was a young mom without a clue. I spent hours holding her because I didn't know any better. We walked to the library almost everyday for the first four months of her life. Then I would rock her in my arms while I read. Now she reads to me.

When she was born we didn't ever go to church. Last night she recited all of the books of the Bible to me and then explained why she thought Jesus came to earth for the sick and not for the healthy.

A lot has changed in ten years. Praise God that He wasn't finished with me the day I became a mother. I thank God that He still isn't finished with me.

I pray everyday that she will know to teach her children about Jesus from the day she becomes a mother, not years later. I pray that she already understands how much God loves her.

Happy Birthday Taylor. What a blessing you are to me.


kellyjae said...

HAPPY Birthday Taylor!!!!!
Have a WONDERFUL day!

tmhender said...

Happy Birthday Taylor! Love and Miss You!! Have a GREAT day!

Our Family said...

Happy Birthday Taylor! I hope your day was wonderful!

Anonymous said...

beautiful, beautiful!! happy birthday taylor!!

Heart n Soul said...

What a lovely delightful ... yes - the time just flies by before you know it. Relish every minute and cherish the memories.

Nichole said...

That was beautiful. Mommyhood is such a huge, huge blessing :)

Stacey said...

Double Digits! Whahooo!

Happy birthday girl! Hope it is your best year yet!

Mandy said...

Great post! Time goes by so fast and I'm so glad that I held my girls to my hearts content, they're only little for such a short time. I'm really blessed though, my ten year old is tiny and still loves to crawl up in my lap! Enjoy every minute!