Monday, June 8, 2009

Backyard Beauty

Proverbs 31 Homekeeper started a weekly Bible Study post today on her blog called Feeding Time. Her first assignment was to read Genesis 1-3.

So last night I spent some time in Genesis. I have read the story of creation numerous times, but it seems the more I focus on creation, the more of an impact it has on my life. In her Feeding Time post she talks about appreciating the flowers more and the squirrels and birds. She wrote, "If you had asked me a year ago about animals and flowers, I would say “No I’m not really into it.”

It caught me off guard because that is exactly how I felt a year ago. I had learned to really appreciate God's Beauty in the Black Hills of South Dakota or in the beautiful sunsets of Hawaii. But, I could have cared less for the Beauty of my own backyard. I failed to remember the scripture from Genesis 1:1 that reads, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." It doesn't say that God created the beautiful mountain ranges and sunsets. Scripture says, "Thus the heavens and the earth were completed in all their vast array." Genesis 2:1

He created everything we see on this earth. All things were formed by His hands and He spoke things into existence. When I really started to believe this, I started to look at my backyard with completely different eyes. When I step outside, I notice things that before I did not ever see.

I am trying to pass this on to my children. Especially now in the technology driven culture they are growing up in. They don't want to take the time to appreciate God's creation. They have to be coaxed outside on beautiful days because the comfort of inside is much more appealing.

Last week each girl was given a nature journal at their Kick-Off to Summer Party we hosted at our house. I was busy on Friday getting our camper ready for a weekend adventure. While I was running around the house, I noticed they were outside in the field across the street. I wondered what they were doing. Later they came in the house for tape, glue and pens. When they were finished they came into the house with their Nature Journals. They had been collecting things to put into them.

It was so wonderful to see. I didn't have to make a big deal about it and organize a structured activity. They were bored so they decided to do something with the journals they received. They have also started to see nature through new eyes. Last week they found and tried to care for two baby birds that had fallen from their nests. They dug for worms and cut them into pieces to feed the birds. They found boxes to build them little homes. Unfortunately the one they found in our yard did not survive so it got a funeral and was buried. I am unsure of the second birds fate. After it pooped on my patio furniture, I sent it home with the little girl who brought it over.

God created our beautiful backyard for us to see that everything He created was good. He doesn't want us to rush through life without stopping to appreciate the little things. Every day I try to remind myself that although I don't live in the Garden of Eden, I am surrounded by God's beauty in my little backyard.


Chele said...

Thanks for the shout out! I guess great minds think alike, haha! I feel the same way about my kids. I want them to enjoy the little things like I am learning to do too! Isn't it awesome when they find something to do without you having to get something for them to do!! :) Have a blessed day! And thank you again!!

Jennifer said...

A lovely post. So glad you stopped by, South Dakota mom.

I'm not too far away -- far northwest corner of Iowa, about 25 minutes from Sioux Falls.

Blessings to you as you soak in God's beauty this summer!

Lyla Lindquist said...

Hey Amy, just came over from Jennifer's Getting Down with Jesus. Saw you were from SD and thought I should check out a neighbor.

'Course, didn't realize it would be someone from Milbank! Or someone I used to work with (your Royal days) ... Or someone Lane used to have in school...

Enjoyed a few posts here, what a sweet heart you have for God. I'll be back to read more!

Elizabeth said...

Great post. :) Stopping in from SITS - have a great day.

Kris said...

Stopping in from SITS to say hi!! I'm going to follow--I like your idea here!! I'm thinking of starting a new blog...but I'm praying about it first!