Sunday, June 7, 2009

Overcoming Fear

I admit it, I am a scaredy cat. I am afraid of way too many things. I wish that I wasn't and I honestly try to overcome my fears. However, there are certain fears and I do not know if I will ever overcome. Thankfully, I have prayer and a Big God that helps me overcome situations that I get myself into. And although these fears have not gone away. I am at least able to function in spite of them.

For some of you that know me I am terribly afraid of two things. Sharks and Snakes. Luckily I live in the Midwest so I only have to deal with sharks on few occasions. I have been in the ocean many times, and I am able to enjoy myself, but I enjoy myself at warp speed. I see what I need to see and then I appreciate a good book on the beach or I swim very quickly back to the safety of a boat.

My second fear, one I hate to think about, but am obsessed with hearing about is snakes. Unfortunately for me, these can be found in my backyard. Well, my big fear here is rattlesnakes and generally they are not found in my backyard, but you never know. . .I take extra caution wherever I step.

Last summer I felt that I was able to overcome this giant fear because my husband and I purchased a camper. With the purchase of this camper, I knew that we would be camping right in the midst of the rattlesnakes territory. Now I would be in their backyard. Well, we camped a few times and I did not see one. Phew. . .

Well, now it is a new camping season and the snakes seem to be out in full force. I have camped twice now and have yet to see one, however, there were three seen within the week we camped and one person was treated for not one, but two snake bites. The kicker is that my kids and I. . .walked right near the area that this snake was at, numerous times. (I am trying to breathe deeply to get through this post). And to make matters even more interesting, the second siting was at the camping site right next to the one that I was in. . .(more deep breaths)

Now, comes a lot of deep breaths and huge trust in the Lord. In three weeks I will be camping in this area again. It will not be easy for me. I will probably have nightmares about it until we get through it. I will be saying many prayers of protection over my family.

My husband thinks that I just need to see one and I will be able to overcome my fears. I do not agree. I think that if I see one, I won't need to overcome my fears because I will fall over dead! So here is me trying to overcome my fears by writing frantically about them and praying just as frantically.

My mind drifts to Acts 28. I was drawn to this passage before we moved to Rattlesnake country and it offered me a little reassurance that God will literally protect me from this (not so wonderful) part of creation.

Paul gathered a pile of brushwood and, as he put it on the fire, a viper, driven out by the heat, fastened itself on his hand. When the islanders saw the snake hanging from his hand, they said to each other, "This man must be a murderer; for though he escaped from the sea, Justice has not allowed him to live." But Paul shook the snake off into the fire and suffered no ill effects. Acts 28 3:5

Why is it that fear can overcome us? Is it a lack of faith or trust in God? I don't believe so. I think that some of our fears draw us even closer to God because we must lean on Him or we would not make it through.


Chele said...

WOW! That was an awesome post! I want to thank you for commenting on my blog. I believe the same about our fears. They definitely push us to the Lord for comfort, protection and peace! I'll be back!

karim said...

Very thoughtfull post on overcoming fear .It should be very much helpfull.

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