Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bacon Sandwiches & Salvation Review

This week was a week of humor in the book department for me. I had just finished a romance last week and a couple of really good Inpirational Non-Fiction books a couple of weeks before that. So I was ready to laugh.

Bacon Sandwiches & Salvation written by Adrian Plass is subtitled "A Humorous Antidote for the Pharisee in All of Us."

Being a lover of words, I am intrigued by all books that start with A and take you to Z and this book had me laughing all the way through.

I will share with you a couple of my favorite phrases from the book.

Bless you: Buzz off
Can I just say, in love: Brace yourself

I could not help but laugh and think of times that i have heard both statements made in church.

The back cover of the book explains the book very well, "An A to Z, laugh-out-loud guide to taking ourselves, as Christians, less seriously."

If you are looking for a fun read. Check this book out here.

Bacon Sandwiches & Salvation by Adrian Plass
ISBN: 978-1-934068-76-2/251 pages/softcover/$16.99

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I'll have to check it out!