Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Daughter Needs Her Dad

Father's Day will be here soon. This year we get to celebrate his birthday on the same day.

This is our second week in different homes. After we spend the weekend together as a family we only have one week left before we are all together again.

Two nights ago our youngest fell asleep with her dolly in one hand and one of her daddy's t-shirts in the other. She said, "I miss my daddy." Last night when I was putting her to bed she put the t-shirt in the middle of us and said, "Now we can share. We can both smell daddy."

When we went separate directions this weekend as we were driving away and her daddy was still in her sight, my middle daughter said, "I didn't realize how much you could miss someone even when you can still see him."

This weekend we will be celebrating him and then saying good-bye for only one more week. A daughter needs her dad and a wife needs her husband. Being apart has reminded me again why I am so blessed that God brought us together. I am praising God today for him.

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Layton Family Joy said...

this reminds me when I was a little girl. My dad had to go to Oklahoma for training - 3 weeks at a time - up to 3 months. I hated being away from him.

Thankfully God knows the end of this apart time will be over soon!!


Liz said...

Wonderful post and great blog. I am a new follower from iFellowship. I look forward to reading your blog. ~Liz

Meghan said...

You know I'm a big fan of your blog!

Thanks for joining in at iFellowship. I cannot wait to get to know you better!