Sunday, July 18, 2010

Comfort of Home

After being at my mom and dad's house for almost two months, we will be moving into our new home this week. It has been a blessing for us to be able to stay here, but it will be good to let them have their house back.

I am focusing my Multitude Monday Post on my amazing mom and dad.

holy experience

#16 Experiencing the Magic of Disney with them in May.

#17 My mom loves doing the dishes.

#18 My dad's amazing cooking and my mom's baking.

#19 Waking up in the same house I grew up in. A comfort during a very stressful season.

#20 Their patience with our piles of clothes, toys, etc. in the middle of their home.

#21 Sitting at the table with my mom late at night. Her with a book in her hand while I type away at the computer.

#22 Sharing the kitchen with my dad to prepare a supper for the whole family.

#23 The love they show the girls even when they are driving us all crazy.

#24 The love they show each other.

#25 The excitement they have in their voices when they tell people that we are moving home.

Thank you for everything Mom and Dad. I love you!


-t- said...

Thank you for shaaring wonderful memories made together :)
May you know peace and fun while you are moving!

Elisabeth LaMouria said...

Such a blessing to have family like that in hard times. My husband thinks he knows your husband somehow - he recognized your last name. Sorry, I think this is one of those "itches" that just needs to be scratched by asking the question.
I really and honestly love your blog! I read a few of your posts - esp. love the one on "Created for Him" and the one on TV for kids. Great stuff! :-)

Layton Family Joy said...

great list - and #1 on Ann's list! You've enjoyed such a hard summer apart from your hubby, yet building such fantastic memories w/ your girls!!!

keep on counting!

Gwen Toliver said...

Much to be thankful for - I so want my kids to develop that heart of gratitude and you are really showing that it comes from seeing gratitude exemplified. Thanks!

kellyjae said...


That was SO brought tears to my eyes! Praying that this is a great week for you guys. Your new house is really cute. I'm so happy for you! Tell Chad and the kids HI and give Madi a hug for me.

Love and BIG hugs,

PS I guess they're painting the kitchen in your old house - can you believe it??!!;)

Mama Zen said...

Congratulations on your new home!