Monday, July 26, 2010

Someday You Will Be Best Friends

There are days that I wonder if we will make it through the day.

There are times that I think you will never be friends.

There are playtimes that turn into wrestling matches and no one ends up a winner.

There is some screaming, some crying and days filled with drama.

There are also playtimes filled with laughter.

There are days when your imagination takes you to far off lands.

There are days that you play for hours without me playing referee.

These days give me glimpses of your future.

Someday you will learn that no matter what, you will always have each other.

Someday instead of causing each other to cry, you will be helping each other through tears caused by others.

Someday you will be best friends.

There are times that I do wonder why God has blessed me with three girls. There are times I wonder if we should try just one more time to have a boy. But then God sends me a day when I get a glimpse of the bond that happens between sisters. That is a gift that they will someday learn to treasure.

tuesdays unwrapped at cats

I am linking up with Emily from Chatting At the Sky for Tuesdays Unwrapped. What gifts are you unwrapping today?


Jess said...

What adorable girls! I always wished I had a sister - how lucky your dear ones are! Thanks for unwrapping that adorable moment of costume fun!

Joy said...

I have boys and girls and I have the same hopes for them. Some days we glimpse it, those days when they cooperate and compromise and prefer one another. Other days I almost despair. My Tuesdays Unwrapped this week is about one of our moments of bliss, too. :)

Stacey said...

One of many reasons why God brought us together!

Love this sweet 'gift' unwrapped today,


Layton Family Joy said...

oh I wish I was close to my sister. 6 years older than me - we haven't talked since LAST NOVEMBER! I pray your daughters will have a beautiful sibling relationship !!

thanks for sharing ~

Alaina Frederick said...

I love reading about everyone's daughters. I have three boys but a part of me feels a little less empty when I read about the love and all things daughter.

My sister and I are both grown adults and unfortunately we still aren't very good friends. We try but we are both in such different places.

upwardgirl said...

As I read, I thought: 'Someday they will be best friends.' Then I read further and saw this: 'Someday you will be best friends.' There it is. Set in stone. I keep this in the back of my mind on the days my older two (a girl and a boy) fight so badly that I consider exiling myself to an island somewhere. Thank you for this reminder!

Southern Gal said...

I've seen those bickering days transform into a relationship so strong it makes me yearn for it in my own life. They are brother and sister, but more than that, they are best friends. You just wait. It will be breathtaking.

Traci Michele said...

OH man, you must have been peering into my window today! Cute pic and post!

emily wierenga said...

i love your honest heart.

Gwen Toliver said...

Yes! It's worth trying for more kids (regardless of boy or girl) - it's such a joy to see my seven interact with each other and learn to "bear with each other and forgive" on a daily basis.

What valuable lifelong lessons are learned in these early years - getting along with each other and choosing to show love to others even when they're unkind.

Thanks for sharing this today - it got my wheels turning... :)

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

beautifully said amy! i also wanted to share with you ... i've already talked to the girls about our #1 rule and we've been able to put it into practice many times this week already. you are a wonderful mother, friend & blessing to me! thank you Lord, for putting her in my path ...