Monday, July 12, 2010

Soap in the Mouth (Well Almost)

This is my baby. She is the only person I know that can make me laugh and want to tear my hair out in the matter of minutes. Those big brown eyes have gotten the best of me on more than one occasion.

She is full of spunk and she makes me very tired. I could write a book about the four short years she has been a member of this family.

After everyone was asleep last night and the house was quiet I sat in the chair thanking God for my three girls.

The drama almost makes me crazy, but I really wouldn't want it to be any other way.

I would love to share something extremely profound today, but instead I am going to share a little of my mom moments with this little girl.

She almost got her mouth washed out with soap for telling her sister that she hated her. (I have never actually used the soap. . .I can't imagine what it would be like to follow-through).
Later in the day I was giving her a bath. I had the shampoo in my hand and she said, "Is that the soap you were going to wash my mouth out with?"

I said, "No I was going to use the body soap so you better not ever say the word hate again."

She responds, "What about stupid?"

"No" I said, "You can't say stupid."

"What about dumb?" she asks.

"No, you can't say dumb either."

And so it goes in our house. Never a dull moment, but I love it.

tuesdays unwrapped at cats

I am unwrapping the precious moments of my girls childhood today with Emily at Chatting at the Sky. They aren't always easy moments or fun moments, but I cherish them all anyway.


Gwen Toliver said...

I love it - thanks for sharing your never-dull moments. :) I can't count the number of times I've had to bite my lip to keep from laughing at one of their comments that are hilarious but not necessarily "appropriate"!

Southern Gal said...

Aren't they clever? Reminds me of my son telling his sister she better be hushing down because he knew he couldn't say shut up.

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

How adorable!

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

and so it goes ... all full of love!

Layton Family Joy said...

just love how they ask the next question, and the next, and the next. While I bang my head against the wall. Isn't it fun though - to think one day they will be grown and gone with their own family ... sigh - trying to keep that in my head rather than the frustration!


Charissa Steyn said...

hehe :) Cute stuff! I always wondered what the follow through would look like on that threat! :)

Found you over at Tuesdays Unwrapped today.

Blessings, Charissa

walkingwithangels said...

I love this, my girls sound just like yours. We had the ban from their laptop, only to find them on their ipods, now i have banned all eletric items. I never believed children could be to clever, i now know better xxx

KK said...

My mom used bar soap. I wish she'd been more afraid of the follow-through! I'm sure I deserved it though.

Cherie said...

Why were children created with the uncanny sense of knowing how to push our buttons?

She is too cute!

Alaina Frederick said...

My kids have also been calling each other dumb, stupid, and using the hate word as well. And hitting!!!

I really don't know what to do any more except tell them it's not nice. It's these moments I really look at homeschooling with a serious mindset.

Jennifer said...

Too cute! I can see how those big brown eyes can get the best of you! She is adorable! :)

Melissa said...

hilarious!!! i love it. wow, three girls. that's a lot of drama, but even more beauty and joy.

Mandy said...

I can SO identify with you, and I only have ONE girl in the house! :) (Oh, and we have used soap in the mouth a few times... it does make quite the impression! Lol) :)

Marci said...

Last night, at a friend's house, my pregnant for the first time friend used the word "stupid" and my five year old son quickly said "That's a bad word!" My friend stopped and apologized. My son said "That's ok. You're not a mom yet. You didn't know. My mom will give you the list of bad words so you'll have it."

sarah said...

this is a big no in my house. i hate the word hate. did you catch that?? i find that word is way overused even in children's books and kids don't really know how strong a word it is. when reading, i often find myself changing the phrase.