Friday, August 27, 2010

The Forbidden Highway

When I was a little girl there was one road that we were not allowed to cross. A highway ran through the middle of the town and that was our boundary. We were not to allowed to venture to the other side no matter what.

One time when I was in about fourth grade my friend and I decided it was worth taking the chance to cross it. We went to the stoplight (at least we knew enough to cross where we could go safely, right mom?!) Well, we pulled up to the corner and who pulls up to that exact same corner in the car. . .my mother.

I don't think my friend and I had ever rode bike as fast as we did home from that corner that day. Technically we hadn't crossed the road yet when we saw them, but we had every intention of doing so and needless to say we were in trouble.

I never did like to cross that highway, even as I got older, I think they had pounded the rule into my head enough that from then on I listened.

Now that I am back in my home town, I will teach my own girls that, that is the forbidden highway and they are not allowed to cross it, either.

A couple of days ago I was going to pick my daughter up from preschool. I decided that it was a beautiful day so I would hook up the bike trailer to my bike and head to her school. I was over at my parent's house visiting with my mom and dad before I left for the school. Both of them at different times said to me, "You be careful crossing the highway."

Boy, did that take me back to that day when I tried to disobey them. What made it even more funny is that later that night my mom said to me, "How was it crossing the highway?"

I am so glad that I had parent's that set boundaries for me when I was a child and they are still watching out for me today.

As I was telling my husband this story we both had a good laugh. But then we started to talk about the boundaries that God has for us. These boundaries are there because He loves us.

However, just like I did that summer day, we try to cross those lines, but He is sitting at that corner waiting for us, and protecting us.


Michelle said...

You had a highway, we had a 3 bridges which lead out of our municipality. I love the boundaries that my family set for me. It let me know that they cared and wanted me safe. There were times, I tested those boundaries. I have boundaries from my children and they test them, but like my family, I will preserve.

Cherie said...

Such a great picture of you sitting at the stoplight and seeing your mom. I had similar experiences myself!

Why do we always feel we have to press the boundaries, even in our spiritual life? Boy I know I am a slow learner at this sometimes!

imoomie said...

Thank God for His boundaries, and His love and care for us!

Great post!

Anonymous said...

ooo, i'm just loving this in so many ways amy! a great story ... literally and figuratively {if that's the right word i'm looking for} ...

Mandy said...

How true! I'm thankful for God's boundaries, and looking back the boundaries my parents had for me growing up. Wonderful post!