Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Trip to the Zoo

Five little girls giggling for 45 minutes in the car.

One stop along the side of the road for a potty break.

Animals so hot they just wanted to sleep.

Goats that made even the littlest, that was tired and hot smile.

Ice Cream that hits the spot.

A trip to Wal-mart with five girls.

One very tired mom.

tuesdays unwrapped at cats

I am joining Emily at Chatting at the Sky for Tuesdays Unwrapped. Today I am celebrating the last days of summer. Unwrapping the gift of a trip to the zoo on a hot summer day.


Anonymous said...

perfect day!

Melissa said...

so great! good to come "see" you!

Erin said...

what fun! we love the zoo, too, and are actually planning another trip there later in the week before school starts.

Alaina Frederick said...

So fun! We took the boys to the "bird place" aka the National Aviary the other day and had an amazing time. It was so nice to spend time together as a family, soak up the sun's warmth, and we also ended the day with a fun ice cream treat!

Southern Gal said...

The zoo is always fun no matter the heat, right? That's what my kids always say.

Layton Family Joy said...

I want to go!! And get ice-cream. I'll have to wait until Relevant! =)

miss you