Monday, August 16, 2010

Shopping Back to School #withpurpose

School supply shopping is one of our favorite times of year. I get just as excited as the kids to fill their backpacks full of new supplies. It is exciting to think about the fun ways they will fill up their notebooks and the projects they will create with the markers and glue.

As I started to make a master list of all of the supplies that each of my girls needed I realized that this would not be an inexpensive shopping trip. This was after we had already paid for school lunches, pictures, and activity tickets. I started to think about how difficult it must be for some families this time of year.

A lot of these things are necessities, and parents don't have an option to cut these expenses out of their budget.

This year DaySpring is sending kids Back To School With Purpose. They have created an inspirational line of school supplies that our family fell in love with. They are colorful and each one shares a scripture verse.

We have been encouraging our daughters to share the love of Christ with others and these products are a great way for them to start.

DaySpring will to donate $10 per #WithPurpose post about going back to school with purpose for the Adopt-a-Classroom campaign. The potential is for up to $5,000 to be raised by the time school starts to the Adopt-a-Classroom campaign.

I was unsure how I would be able to help another family before school was in session. I visited with my girls new principal and she knew of a family that could use a little help. We decided to load up two backpacks with all of the supplies this family would need for the new school year. My girls are so excited to be able to go Back to School With Purpose this year! They each filled their own backpacks with the new DaySpring products, too.

I invite you to participate in this amazing campaign by posting about how you are sending your kids Back to School With Purpose. Together we can help raise $5,000 for Adopt-A-Classroom campaign.

I feel very blessed to be surrounded with amazing women that Live With Purpose everyday of their lives. I am tagging Teri Lynne because she inspires me daily to live my life with purpose even when life gets a little crazy.

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Disclosure: I wrote this post on behalf of DaySpring as part of a blog campaign by Collective Bias. I was compensated for sharing my thoughts and time. However, without compensation we would have filled our backpacks with these amazing products. We are thankful that DaySpring created these products! The information about Back to School #withpurpose, were supplied to me by Collective Bias.


Our Family said...

What a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing!!

Teri Lynne Underwood said...

Amy, you are very kind! You inspire me ... your heart for your children and for teaching them to live out their faith & love for the Lord is incredible! Thank you for your very kind words. Cannot wait to meet you face-to-face at Relevant!

Anonymous said...

We still ahve a few weeks of holidays left here in the Uk but thank you for sharing a great idea and your kind heart xxx