Friday, August 20, 2010

Prayer Calendar

I was inspired earlier this week by a post over at Scripture Dig to create a prayer calendar. I have been working on mine all week. Thanks to my friend Teri Lynne I used her prayer calendar as my guide and added a few things that were on my heart and I was ready to go.

After I had my list complete, I grabbed a new DaySpring notebook, my Bible, a David Nevue Piano CD and I was ready to focus on prayer.

I wanted to share my calendar with you today. Teri Lynne suggests using Stormie Omatian Power of a Praying. . . books for the topics of your children, yourself and your spouse. I have these books and I think it would really help me as a guide.

Daily Prayer: My husband and my girls. Prayers for healing and any other urgent prayer concerns.

Sunday - The Church
Monday - My family consisting of my parents, siblings and spouses and nieces and nephews.
Tuesday - My husband's family
Wednesday - Our Community and Country
Thursday - Missions
Friday - The Lost
Saturday - Our friends

Teri Lynne suggests picking one topic that you focus on for an entire month. Here is my plan.
January - Direction in my life and in my ministry focus
February - Friendships
March - Focused prayer on the Names of God
April - My marriage and our family direction (It is my anniversary month)
May - Summer (Our plans, our goals)
June - My husband (I will use the Power of the Praying Wife book)
July - Myself (It is my Birthday Month. I will use the Power of a Praying Woman book)
August - Back to School
September - Taylor (Her birthday month. I will use the Power of a Praying Parent book for each of my daughters birthday months, but also use a journal to get really specific about the prayers for each child)
October - Madelyn (Her birthday month)
November - The Holiday Season (our family plans, the devotion focus we will have through the season)
December - Nadia (Her birthday month)

Each day I will also be spending prayer time with a Psalm and a Proverb. I may also incorporate in one chapter each day of the book Power of Praying Through the Bible.

Do you have a focused prayer guide that you use daily? I would love to hear about how you focus your prayer time daily.


Layton Family Joy said...

no - I'm so all over the board with my prayers - I love this idea!

going out to buy a journal tonight!

thank you and how I missed this on Scripture Dig I dunno!!!


Teri Lynne Underwood said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! You are awesome, Amy! Thank you for sharing this!!!

Joy said...

I truly love this idea. Thank you for sharing what you have planned. I am going to start working on mine now. Not only are you an inspiration, but so are the ladies from Scripture Dig. Blessings to you.

Michelle said...

I love the prayer guide idea. I've been using Becky Tirabassi's My Partner Prayer Journal. I find it has helped me to organize my prayer time. I also use lists that I made from Power of a Praying Woman and Pray Magazine prayer list. I'm love the monthly focus idea. I think I will incorporate it in my prayer life.

Anonymous said...

my prayer too, are all over the place! this is exactly what i needed to see!!