Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Think Think Think

Since the girls have started back to school I have been spending a lot of time in thinking mode. Reflecting on how our family spends time together.

This week I started to read aloud to them The Classic Winnie-the-Pooh book. At first the older girls looked at me a little funny. I explained to them that their little sister is always following along and trying to be bigger than she is. This is one way that they can participate is something that is just right for her.

With a couple of weekends away as a family we have had a lot of time to really focus on each other. It was long overdue with the stress of the move and the craziness of summer. We played board games, played ball games and visited around the fire.

They have only been back in school for five days and I can already see how our family time could easily be stolen away by after school time in front of the tv, activities and their friends. I am focusing on organizing this time so that our family time remains.

It seems that for some families, family time doesn't exist anymore. I am not willing to let that happen in our home.

What are you doing to hold on to your family time? What is your favorite thing to do as a family?


Layton Family Joy said...

AMEN AMEN! I love your wrote, "I am not willing to let that happen in our home".

YES - we literally - have to protect our family time! We turned off cable!! We spend after dinner just in the kid's faces rather than all doing our own thing. We are going to the book store 1night a week just to "browse" and let the kids read - spending that time together.

We also spend our saturdays doing yard work together - and then enjoying the afternoons together. Not a million practices to drive to or a 100 extra things to do alone. I don't want every day to be split parenting. (I wrote about this next month on the MOB).


Summer said...

I too refuse to let family time slip away. We usually pick two days that are solely centered around family. Wed. night we play games either board games or video games together and we are also about to start a family bible study that will be done each Wed. before bed and the whole family from 7 year old Natali to 35 year old Griffin can get something out of.
Saturday we is coined pizza and movie night. We make homemade pizza and watch a family friendly movie together.
I agree we must all keep our families together with family time at least once a week.
Love the post and the picture!

Melissa said...

i agree!! there's too much value in each family to let things and busy-ness take it away. one thing that we try to do is have Family Night every friday night. we usually just stay home, make dinner (sometimes order pizza), and either watch a movie or play games. but it's always needed time spent together!

Our Family said...

Yes, I agree! Even with our children home, we still need to carve out that time! We try to spend some time all together each evening, but make sure to have an official Family Night once a week!